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Its starting to get cold outside, the temps are dropping in the weather. Once again, another year and the Restrictive Housing Offenders of solitary confinement are not provided sufficiently with adequate clothing to keep warm during extreme temperatures. No blankets, no heater, no extra socks, no thermals. Socks and thermals must be purchased from commissary if you want to remain warm and not catch pneumonia. And, if you are indigent, you are out of luck.


At Lane Murray Unit, Warden Audrey England refuses to let RHU offenders have jumpers or jackets. By policy, TDCJ states all offenders in prison are to be issued a jacket during cold season weather. Well, RHU offenders are still without jackets, fighting to fend off covid, flu, pneumonia and respitory infections from the changing weather. Without adequate clothing and proper seasonal wear many RHU offenders become severely sick and some have even died. But these facts does nothing to deter Warden Audrey England and her evil intentions of freezing solitary confinement.

In RHU, it gets so cold, the officers refuse to do their security checks. Hours pass before an officer will come into the pods to check on the offenders. The officers will sit in the security picket eating, laughing, and socializing in the heat all toasty while the offenders in RHU are freezing to death in solitary confinement.


The food on the trays are served cold, the water in the showers are cold. Where does the torture end? Where is the justice for this inhumanity? Another crisis in Ad.seg!


                                                         By Gulley Britney

Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

6 years in solitary / ad seg



November 15, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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