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Allred Unit, Iowa Park, Texas

28 years in solitary / ad seg



September 5, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​

    There is a anticipation I am feeling as I lay here with pen & paper in my hands. For I’m aware, in a moment I’ll be off on a journey of words that will bring you behind the razor-wire and walls of Texas’ Administrat Segregation. That’s if you dare enter the hellish nightmare adventurer into my habitation for close to the last thirty years.


    Congratutation! You my reader has won a free ticket on this, “Tales From Ad. Seg. Hell” adventurer. This journey will take us down the last three decades of my mental; physical; and spiritual agony, done to me by our prison system in the United States.


    Within 1994, I once again found myself in a County Jail - - for the third time - - behind stealing cars to joyride in with friends. I was just a young man in for trying to have a good time - -  cause I didn’t fit in at home.


    While within this County Jail’s population myself and two other guys got the bright ideal to give ourselfs early parole, by escapeing. It was not a 100 watt of brightness ideal - - may a 1% watt of brightness. So dim, that none of us stopped to consider what or where we were to do once we gain our early parole.


    Our plan on giving ourselves early parole became a reality on May 01, 1994 - - however, it was a short parole. Our parole was revoke three days later, on the grounds we did have the proper authority. Who would ever have guess something as that - - I swear!


    So, when we arrived back home - - the County Jail - - with just a little welcome home party by our residence caretakers [We got our back end’s handed to us by our playmates - - the lawmen]. When I was able to see again out of my new color eyes, I found out they was nice enough to give me my own room by myself - - for a very long time. They should’ve have been so kind. This kindness even follower my to the “Big house” - - prison.


    Since May 04, 1994 until today’s date [September 05, 2023]. I’ve found myself in some kind of a nightmareish  solitary confinement environment - - all but, maybe three to six months of it.


    Within the very short time I spent in population, there was one of my free world amigo at the same farm - - however, he was housed in Ad. Seg.. You won’t believe whom he desired to do something stupid to be able to go back into a second-rate accommodate to kick-it with him! I’ve should had actual kick him instead of kick-it up with him.


    Guess who was the half-witted that did what the other half-witted desired? I’m not giving any names - - however, the one that went just could the half-witted penning this. I’ll never tell! Anyway, this was 1999, and as I stated above - - its now 2023. You do the math, cause to painful for me to do it.


    So, I tied a couple of razors to a toothbrush - - wouldn’t even harm a cockroach before it fell apart. Then I placed it in a spot that looked as I was hiding it, and waited to be shook down.


    Since living within the dreadful quarter’s of Ad. Seg., and watching, as well as experience the mental, physical, and spiritual heartless performance; unlawful actions done to us housed in segregation. I now feel unhuman; unloved (more then I’ve ever felt); don’t desire others touch, compassion, love, communication, or even sexual relationship. I no longer care if I live or die. I don’t even desire to gain my freedom any longer - - been up for parole since 2019, but make sure I don’t make the requirements. 


    I now live a life of continual ill-tempered, easy ignited to fight or disrespect others, a very hateful person that don’t really enjoy too many things in this life. I make sure to chase away anybody that desire to run any kind of games, or lie to me. 


    Around 2019, I told my blood family to go to hell. That I was now dead to their family - - however, my mother didn’t desire this to be. But, I never back down from no longer loving any of them. A couple has pass on since then - - even my mother - - however, not one tear has fell for any of them.


    This is what our United States’ government, and the prison systems desire to carry out. This way that are able to make new laws, and receive more tax payer’s money. They turn church going young men as myself - - that just was in search of a joyride - - into men that has no love or compassion.

    Still, today I’ve been disrespected, on many occasion by the personnels on Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Texas. Although, I’ve file a lawsuit again some of the illegal acts done on this unit by staff member. And have reported it to the head departments of TDCJ, and had free world people do the same. 


However, Huntsville don’t care, even encourage this kind of treatment we inmate go through. This way they may ask for more money to carry out more programs. Which 90% of the time, they not actually carrying out. They’re use the money the tax payers sent on useless stuff. That’s is the money they don’t steal for their self. 


    I’ve gave-up on God; my family & many friends; my dream/goals/life or ever becoming free. I’ve the Texas prison system to thank - - for turning me into the animale they house me as.


    I no longer even feel as human. And since I’ve been disrespected by staff over three decades. And they refuse to allow me with others. I’ll been carrying myself as what the prison desire to make me. A animale!


    The last year ½, I’ve really wanted to rediscover my childhood faith in God. However, am unable due to I was raised not to allow un-justice to continual to be carried out. True, I broke the law - - however, you don’t teach other how to not be a criminal by breaking the law yourself.


    Maybe, one day, I’ll be able to become a human again. However, that will require much assistance from y’all free world people to have new laws pass, and see to it you money is well spent. 


    Although, a lot of y’all don’t care about others that could one day be one of y’alls citizen whom only wish the best for everybody. If only these men and woman were not just shown the right way. Plus, be loved as humans not animale.


    Many citizen, that claim to even be Christian treat their dogs more like humans then us that broke the law. Is this what y’all Bible teach you to do? Is this what Jesus done and taught to be done?


    True, I broke laws in my pass - - as well as these other men and women. HOWEVER, so have you broken laws before - - if not our Country’s laws. YOU, yes you have broken God’s law on a daily - basis. Here is a, “Thus saith the LORD statement.” For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged.” And with what measure you mete, it will be measured to you again. 


    But to most, Jesus really didn’t mean many of his statements. Or they belief Once Saved Always Saved - - which is a lie straight from hell. How may I fall off anything, I was not ever on? The Biblical account states: In the last days many will fall away…- - to be able to fall away from Christianity. You had to be - -  Not just be somebody that claim to be - - a Christian!


    My name is David Kelly, or I guess you may call me by my new name. Which has been unhumanize down to a number: 00726547. Thank you, United States for making me feel so loved as somebody lower than a dog. 


David Kelly


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