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Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

13 years in solitary / ad seg



July 22, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​

“ Confidence From The Valley ” is my “ Aztecatl ” name in the form of the “ Uto - Aztecan Language ” designated “ Nahuatl ” for my American name “ Fidencio Valdez “ . My place of origin is “ El Paso , Texas , ” also known as “ Chuco Town ” or if you are a “ Barrio Azteca ” brotherhood member then the designation is “ CHUCOZTLAN ” which is combination form of “ El Paso - Azteca Land ” . The place of rigin of my biological family is two places . My biological father’s place of origin is “ Juarez , Mexico ” and my biological mother’s plcae of origin is “ Hatch , New Mexico ” . Those of Northern Mexico and Central America are commonly identified as “ Chichimecs ” . Those that are from New Mexico are commonly identified as “ Paiute / southern Paiute or an UTE ” . That causes my person to be “ Red Race - Chichimec - Paiute / Southern Paiute ” - Confidence From The Valley ” Fidencio Valdez - Defender of Faith From the Valley ” .Aside from being a response to the enviornment caused by being a native to a border town where balck market activity is high, I am also experiencing a wrongful situation where the “ State of Texas ” has formed an illegal / fake charge against my person designated as “ Robbery - Theft of 30 to 40 Ecstasy Pills ” , which as “ A Matter of Law ” does not fall within the list of Statutes that are a part of the Legislature . See my case under “ Texas Death Row , Cause # 20120D00749 - 384 - 01 , Fidencio Valdez # 00999594 to confirm . On Top of That !!!! “ An Illegal Drug Deal ” is not a “ Protected Activity ( 1918 ) - CONDUCT PERMITTED OR ENCOURAGED BY A STATUTE OR CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION , FOR WHICH THE ACTOR MAY NOT BE RETALIATED AGAINST . ” My marital status is divorced and plays a factor in the frustration caused by this unnecessary situation that the advocate for the State of Texas chose with a certification that requires the opposite . Due to the choice that the then district attorney of El Paso county “ Jaime E. Esparza ” utilized to cause my person to be experiencing “ Illegal Confinement ” for utilizing a “ Fake Charge / Theft of Ecstasy “ to unlawfully for a Illegal Capital Murder Charge  , I now find myself in solitary confinement and on top of that illegally confined . I first entered solitary confinement back in February  2008 on French Robertson Unit in Abilene Texas 79601. To me back then when I first entered solitary confinement was to me a big relief to all the anxiety caused by the Officers in population on the unit. But it also caused a different kind of emotion designated “ Anger ” . Thus that in turn resulted in “ Rage ” once I got my hands on the first person that offended me or was of “ Ill Intent ” . Being placed in “ Administrative Segregation ” was an experience for me that was more filled with anger than sorrow. My release date was for November tenth 2009 and i was not going home to peace and love and white picket fences. El Paso was in the middle of the most “ Bloodiest Cartel War ” ever recorded in time.  The weak and cowardly cartel “ The Sinaloa Cartel ” was attempting to take over the then three International Bridges found on the border between  “ Juarez and El Paso ” domain to the now “ Most Powerful Cartel ” “ designated “ Los Atecas ” whom conquested terrain all the way down to “ Michoacan , Mexico ” as reported by the “ Informativo De  Don Cheto  on 98.5 FM Radio Station from Livingston Texas ’s Reception Antenna ” . The year 2010 was the year that was labelled the bloodiest year an marked the terrain as “ Ground Zero ” compared with “ Iraq ”. On the Television Screen I watched as the local news reported “ DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) Agent in trouble for allowing “ Joaquin Loera-Guzman El Chapo ” to cross his tractor trailers loaded with dope in exchange for the where abouts of El Chapo’s rivals. Then in another was the “ Spokesman for The Secretary Of Defense of The United States Of America ” speaking on the subject of the elimination of a “ U.S. Consul Member and Two Sheriff Deputies ” while they were attending a party in Juarez , Mexico . That launched an undercover atteck on the “ Barrio Azteca ” to the point and extremity of wrongly applying law on the memebers that they felt were fitting the criteria of being victims to their corruption. The United states went as far as applying the R.I.C.O. Act to the Brotherhood a response to the Predatory Groups of the Texas Prison System . The problem with them Applying a “ 1970 Federal Statute created to ensure market place integrity ” , is that the “ Black Market Place ” is not the “ Market Place ” where “ Blue and White Collar ” activity is found . “ An Illegal Drug Dealer ” is not protected by law. That defeats the purpose of the “ War on Drugs ” , Plain and simple. So what the Barrio Azteca does is charge the illegal drug dealer for selling illegal drugs on their terrain. Which as a Matter of Law they are entitled to do. Who in the world can call the cops for someone coming to your door step to charge you for selling illegal drugs ? Who? Who can call the cops for someone either stealing their dope or for charging them for selling dope. So when I say that the Barrio Azteca is entitled to charge people for selling illegal drugs they are exactly that they can charge all day long for as long as they are charging for selling dope and NOT FOR SELLING ANYTHING THAT IS LEGAL!!! Then they applied the “ HOBBS ACT ” another “ ANTI-RACKETEERING STATUTE ” designed to make it a “ CRIME ” to “ INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE ” . Interfering in “ Interstate Commerce ” is something that the “ BARRIO AZTECA ” does NOT DO!

    Keep in mind that selling “DOPE ” from illegal drug dealers is a thing / thang that “ Gangsters ” do . This “ Thang ” is sang about in “ Rap SONGS ” and in “ Gangster Hip Hop ”. So it is NOT something that ONLY the BARRIO AZTECA do! It is a thang that gang members do and something safe for them to do since stealing dope is NOT a “ TRUE CRIME ”. So now it’s December of 2010 and there I am housed in the El Paso County Detention Facility for the “ RObbery / Theft of Ecstasy ” wondering what is for supper and who is going to put some money on my account for commissary purposes ? Being placed in Solitary Confinement where the only physical contact from your loved ones in the form of your immediate kin , is through the court system with the court’s approval . Having the United States of “ The Richly Loved ” attack you and fabricate charges against you is one thing but going as far as applying statute of “ Legitimate ” market place to the “ Black Market ” is simply plain out “StUpId” HA! . Nowhere in the United States other than in El Paso do they apply “ Racketeering ’ to the Black Market . What purpose is launching the “ War On Drugs ” and eliminating “ Noriega ” if you are going to turn right around and utilize “ Policy ” to “ Serve and Protect ” the “ Illegal Drug Dealer ”  ? That contradicts the whole purpose of “ Establishing Justice ” , don’t you agree ? The logical person would . So being a result of political corruption and ambition is a level more to add to the effect of the techniques that the “ Unsrupulous Mannered ” utilize in order to feed their selfish modes of operation . Illegal confinement is what it is called but in “ Constitutional Amendments Language ” is it designated “ Involuntary Servitude ” . Which as “ A Matter Of Law ” shall NOT EXIST in the United States of the Richly Loved . Being a “ Red Race ” in “ Solitary Confinement ” experiencing “ Involuntary Servitude ” is not something that someone should be experiencing when all the “ Treasury Money ” is invovlved. Call it what you want . These people freaked off the whole treasurey department’s mulla! ha! Now that brings me to why I am still here, I am still here because the stupid advocate for the state of texas decided to tamper with my mail and influence those that are supposed to be supportive to me and fight “for what is RIGHT ! ” . I was not asking for my family “ Valdez ” to go and punch on anyone until they release me , no ! , What I was asking for them to do is call the Police that arrests the Police and report “ Attempted Murder of my Person ” . Which as “ A MATTER OF LAW ” is exactly what it is at this point since they utilized a fake charge to “ Condemn MY Person To Lethal InjectiOn ”. The Theft of 30 to 40 Ecstasy pills.

    So now I’m sitting here writing this letter in an attempt to see if there is someone whom is going to read this and “ WANT ” to do “ THE RIGHT ” thing / thang . Not too many people have the firmness to do the “ RIGHT THING ”  and that is the reason as to why I am sitting typing this letter to an individual who is not scared to be who and what that person chooses to be , seeking that one person that has the strength and time to do what is “ PROPER” , “ RIGHT ” “ COMPLYING ” AND IN “ ACCORDANCE ” with “ RULES AND REGULATIONS ” . I am not simply a “ PRODUCT OF THE ENVOIRNMENT ” but also “ A RESULT ” to “ BLACK MARKET REGION  ACTIVITY ” , where even those who hold “ POSITION IN POLITICAL PLACE ” have been “ AJUDICATED FOR THE SALE OR DISSTRIBUTION OF AN ILLEGAL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ” . See El Paso Convictions of the “ MAYOR OF SOCORRO TEXAS FOUND GUILTY FOR TRAFFICKING MARIJUANA IN CHILI SPICE ”. So Solitary Confinement has now become every obstacle a man “experiencing “ Illegal Confinement ” fears to face knowing that # 1 - He should not be locked up for the Theft Of Ecstasy  AS A MATTER OF LAW ! , and # 2 - Should NOT be in Solitary Confinement sitting here senselessly for MURDER THAT CANNOT BE APPLIED due to the FACT that an ILLEGAL DRUG DEAL IS NOT A PROTECTED ACTIVITY AS A MATTER OF LAW ! My NAME IS CONFIDENCE FROM THE VALLEY A TRUE AND ORIGINAL RED RACE THAT HAS BEEN CONDEMNED AND SENTENCED TO LETHAL INJECTION FOR THE THEFT OF ECSTASY by a county where even the Mayors from the suburban areas are found guilty of the same kind of ‘ BLACK MARKET ACTIVITY ”. Here is where I ask you as the World At Large  “ ARE YOU WILLING TO DO WHAT THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN FORMED TO DO ? 


            FIDENCIO VALDEZ # 00999594 - 05917860

            texas deprtment of criminal justice

            POLUNSKY UNIT


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