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Ramsey Unit, Rosharon, Texas

9 years in solitary / ad seg



September 15, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


    my name is Lucas Calaway Farmer &  at the time of this writing I am 31 years old. I am writing this work specifically for the reason that maybe, hopefully, somehow, somewhere, this will save some lives. Even one life, as every life here on this Earth matters to at least some extent. This publication is to raise awareness about our government in the United States of America & its complicity in the torture of millions of its very own citizens ever since this country’s conception. The torture is being carried out with the blessing of our government by using the guise of law enforcement. And law enforcement is given full discretionary power to do whatever they want. Make no mistake about it, instances such as George Floyd are the exception to the rule. Then, even with that instance, Chauvin received less than a ¼ century, scheduling him for parole eligibility in approximately 15 years. The other officers who held him hostage & tortured him to death only got a few years each. If any other citizen did anything of the sort, it would have immediately classified as capital murder and they would have been sentenced to death, or at the very least, life in prison. If anyone would have stepped in to physically stop the cops from torturing George Floyd to death, they would have either been murdered also, or beaten, arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a public servant, which carries life in prison in many states, including my own. There is nothing you can do about it. All you can do it stand by idly while watching them torture our people to death. I’ve watched it for over a dozen years of my life at this point. That is why I am sharing a small portion of my life story.


        I am currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (U.S.A.) for a crime  I have never committed in my entire life. I was framed as being a fugitive from justice by my parole officer, having been released from prison 45 days prior after having been sentenced to 10 years due to a D.W.I. of which I was not guilty of either. After I voluntarily reported to this parole officer, he had me arrested. Shortly after my arrest, a fight broke out between me and another individual. The altercation lasted less than 30 seconds and resulted in minor injuries to both him and myself, with the individual whom I fought sustaining a busted nose & eye bruise. This occurrence was used by the State of Texas(i.e. local detectives and the D.A.’s office of that district) to execute an illegal strategy known as “bootstrapping”, an act that entails taking an offense that is usually far less severe in comparison to the offense that the government actually charges someone with and using that much more severe offense against a defendant in a court of law. (e.g. - charging & prosecuting someone for capital murder when in fact, only 2nd degree manslaughter was committed.) In my instance, the differences in severity between what actually happened and what the government framed me with are so stark as to be completely incomprehensible.


    What happened in that altercation was what is in Texas known as a Class A misdemeanor, and that is only if self-defense trial strategy failed. 


    What ensues this is usually a bond of two or three hundred dollars, with a maximum of $500 bail, some minor court appearances and probably a little probation and a fine. But this incident was used by the State to charge me with the offense of causing permanent paralysis, permanent disfigurement, permanent loss of motor function, permanent loss of an organ’s function or the death of an individual. What actually happened did not even come close to what these people chose to charge me with, not by any stretch of the imagination. No one could have ever argued it no matter how hard they tried.  


    It did not matter.


    My lawyer came to see me once, the day before trial. We spoke for 5 minutes. He refused to argue my case, that the offense I was being charged with never happened. I lost the trial & was given the maximum penalty allowed by law, then even more than that by the judge that did the sentencing. As a result of the injustices that have occurred in my life, I have spent approximately a decade of my life in solitary confinement for offenses I’ve not committed. 


    The problem with all of this I want to reach the world is there is no accountability for the actions of law enforcement. What has come to be known as the “Blue Shield” of law enforcement is real. It is not imaginary. Things are pushed under the rug to uphold the integrity of the unit down to a singular level, in an effort to fool the public - and thus the world - that the integrity of the whole remains in place. That unit can be a specific unit of one city’s police squad, or the city’s police squad itself, to an assistant district attorney’s actions in a D.A.’s office, or the D.A.’s office itself, to a detective’s office, to a prison official’s actions (i.e. in security or any other dept.), to a regional appeal court, to the highest court of appeals in any given state in the country - and yes, all the way to The Supreme Court of the United States. The justice system ultimately governs how our society as a whole functions and it does not function the way our citizens are trained and conditioned to believe it functions since they are first placed in our government ran public school systems at 5-7 years old. There is no “liberty & justice for all”; there is no “Constitution” to uphold. There is liberty & justice for a very priviliged few, usually those with money or power/influence. That’s all that matters in our society. That is why you see people of fame/notoriety/fortune have criminal charges filed against them seemingly vanish, while an average ordinary citizen who would face the same offenses  loose their freedom and entire  lives for exactly the same thing. And it is all “legal”, be it under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion” or whatever other filth or garbage these people come up with to protect their own. Because no matter what happens, or what they do, the sanctity of their institutions is what is paramount.  


    This “sanctity” is used into tricking the public into giving all law enforcement their blessing, but all too often, all I see the law enforcement of our country getting from our public - and non-public, such as incarcerated individuals - is their fear. People are afraid of the police. They know this. They use it on a daily basis. Because they hold your most valuable asset in their hands the second they encounter you - your life & your freedom. This full circle shielding to put that power in these individuals hands is the primary reason law enforcement is compelled to put on a badge to begin with. That power. The power over someone elses life in this fashion is a heady intoxication for a great many people.


    And it causes pure evil to reign lose.  Unchecked. Without accountability. Because at every step in the system, the courts are designed to defer almost completely to law enforcement, shielding them from practically any liability and giving them immunity to do whatever the hell they want to anybody they want.


    I was raised to believe that if you were truely innocent of a crime in this country, you would not and could not be convicted of it. This is the foundation and key principle of our safety and security in life in this country. So to see detectives charge me with, prosecutors try me for, a unanimous jury  convict me of and a judge sentence me beyond what the maximum penalties of the law allow……for a crime every single one of them knew that I did not do? Was shocking. It broke my heart into a tiny million pieces in a way that changed my life forever. I was a good person. A good hearted individual. I’ve had my share of issues, as we all have. But I was a good man. I’ve never done this to anyone in my entire life. I’ve never caused someone to die. I’ve never caused any of those other things to happen to anyone, ever. Yet there I was at the final verdict as it was being read. Guilty.Looking into the eyes of sadists who knew exactly what they were doing. Because they couldn’t just let me go, drop the charges, just because I didn’t really do it. That means that on paper, cops filed charges against someone who was innocent, who was not actually guilty of the offense. And if cops file charges, that D.A.’s office better have a 100% conviction rate, because otherwise? It may get out to the public - thus the world - cops are arresting innocent people. So even if you’re innocent? You’re getting tried. That’s really all it comes down to and what I want to expose to the world, in whatever way I can, be it minor or major……That your life is as disposable to the government in this country as its refusal to simply admit they were wrong. Or worse, that they know exactly what they are doing. And they are doing it to anyone who “gets cross” with them. And they’ve been doing it since this country’s inception. And even if you’re innocent, it does not matter. Hell, we’ll frame you while we’re at it, to help move this thing along. Just as I’ve had happen to me in my life. And every step of the way, into the prisons, into the abyss of the appeals court, into the very hands of those who the public actually believes are supposed to help you in times of crisis, all they have done is laugh. Because, my friends, they are sadists.


    And because to openly admit any fault in the system jeopardizes the very system from which each of these employees of law enforcement derive all of their power. As I know so, so, so many good, moral & upright individuals have been eat up and cast away by this very same system I am describing, I can only tell my experience with what is truely going on in this system once they separate you from everything that makes life worth living with the hopes that it will raise some awareness and maybe let the world who looks me up later know that I did not go down without a fight.


    My first experience with the criminal justice system began when I was 17 years old. I was framed by an individual who was the captain at our local county jail & was dating the woman we had sold our business of over  1½ decades to. There was a rift in the relationship between this woman, her family & my family, as they began to develop the sentiment that they had been given a bad deal in the purchase of our business. They had not & we displayed all of the professional courtesy one should in the selling of a business and its list of clients, but sometimes things in life happen like this, and animosity was there. As a result of a very, very petty dispute on their behalf, they called the police, issuing a criminal tresspassing order against me and my family. Problem was that our home was located 110 yards behind their business. As a result we had to sectionalize our address from the original address to an A & B - one for them and one for us. Their mail came into our mailbox one day & as I checked the mail, I went to go return it to them by giving the mail to the person behind the counter. He said “thank you” and I turned around and walked out. The next day the police showed up to arrest me for criminal tresspassing. Pretty low to do that to a 17 year old boy who was just trying to do the right thing. That was my first experience ever being incarcerated (and set up by the police successfully as well) and it lasted for about a month. What this did is it set in motion in my life a continual barrage of being arrested for a plethora of offenses, mostly for which I should have just been given a fine or a ticket and others for which I just simply did not do and was innocent of. It’s the weaponization of the criminal justice system to say if you were ever once guilty, you are now forever guilty of anything they say you are guilty of. That is their tactic. After being sentenced to 10 years in prison after being arrested for a list of offenses I did not commit, including a felony D.W.I.(wasn’t drunk), Felon in Possession of a Firearm (wasn’t a felon), Assaulting a Public Servant (yeah, right) & a laundry list of other things, they gave me 10 years like they were handing out candy. Upon my introduction to prison, violence exploded.


    I had never been in a fight a day in my life until that moment. After I was sent to prison over all of this, I was in fight, after fight, after fight and not only did I see all the corruption going on in my sentencing, but I saw all the corruption going on in prison with all of this. All this violence was going on in my life and I was the one being punished for it. Any medical care whatsoever in the Texas prison system is a laughing matter. Broken face? Take some tylenol. Fractured skull? Here’s some ice!


    Broken jaw quadrants? Too bad! Everyone trying to kill you? Who cares? Broken bones all throughout your body with medical health issues multiplying by the day? So? You think we care about you? Ha! Again, this is the same reason your local D.A.’s offices will try and convict people they know without a doubt are not guilty/innocent - because to admit error means the legitimacy of their authority will be brought into question by the public. That can never happen. They have to have your unilateral support to keep this charade going. Likewise with medical health issues inside penal institutions. To have peoples medical health issues officially logged will bring into question the integrity of the institution singularly & as a whole if all the prisons did it. If that integrity was questioned, it would collapse the very system from which their power is derived.


    As a result, you see the absolutely most gruesome and brutal things that you can imagine going on in the prison system. Broken bones becoming deformed due to being ignored. Surgeries done by complete quacks and totally incompetent medical staff, completely ruining peoples lives as a result of these botched surgeries. Just recently I heard of a mans cellmate who went to the TDCJ’s state hospital for offenders in Galveston, Texas. After doing their surgery on him, the “great professionals of TDCJ hospital” actually sewed their surgical implements inside of the individual after finishing their surgery. After he was sent back, he understandably complained of great pain. He was also, as any and all familiar with this place have come to expect, was completely ignored. He died the next morning. The horrors of surgery gone wrong in TDCJ’s Galveston and other hospitals are gruesome and numerous to the point of not being able to count them. The statistics here are always swept under the rug. The public would be horrified if they ever found out about them - the truth about them - including how these people are actually treated and what they have to go through. It is a miracle that I am not disabled from the physical abuse, gross negligence/neglect & torture I personally have been subjugated to for over 12 years now. My feet were nearly destroyed due to nothing other than pure abuse and sadism. My back, joints, the list goes on and on of things I will never be able to get any meaningful medical treatment for as long as I’m trapped in these god forsaken places. The same goes for tens of thousands of others across the U.S.A. alone. There’s no help, because who are you going to reach out to? Who? There’s nobody. Even those lucky enough to reach out to journalists, those journalists do not even make a dent. They wait for the heat to die down - and it always dies down - then it is right back to business as usual.


    Not to mention they are poisoning    water supplies in units across the State. The worse instance I have ever seen of this is at the Darrington unit in Rosharon, T.X. I possess empirical knowledge of it. It was the year 2017 that I was stationed there in solitary confinement.

    It was labeled one of the worst/most dangerous penitentiary’s in the United States of America at one point. My thought was,  as a result of that, what better way to  control the inmate population by forcing them to consume tranquilizers by a method of which they all must partake of -the water? Everyone has to drink and use the water there. There’s no way to avoid it. You drink it, shower in it, have it cooked into all of your food. How can you avoid it? Upon my arrival, after drinking the water, I began crying from sadness. Strange, unprovoked sadness, but I attributed to the  typical  throes of incarceration. The cell was so tiny I could touch both walls with my hands, the palms of my hands. There was 2’ x6½’ of walking space. I couldn’t fit through the door.  Guards pushed me through it at one point it was so small. You had to turn your body sideways to enter properly. After a few days, I began to sink into a serious depression and I could not pin why. After nearly a month, after trying to physically exercise, I simply could not do what I knew I should be completely capable of doing. Again, I just could not under stand why. So as I gave up trying and went to go drink a big glass of water, it dawned on me - they are poisoning the water. All of it. I couldn’t believe it, yet also could not understand how I wouldn’t have thought they were poisoning the water. Roaches overran the prison, so I bottled a ½ liter of it and placed it in a shelf. Within a minute, roaches surround the cap of the bottle, where the opening is. They can sense the arsenic and are drawn to it. There are rumors estrogen or something similar are being placed in the water. Everyone knows what happens when you drink it. You become fatigued within minutes, tired, sadness kicks in and eventually evolves into depression. There is no mind over matter. It just gets into your bloodstream, goes into all of your organs, your brain, and begins destroying you from the inside out. No positive thinking in the world can overcome it. And it is brutal. Luckily, I was able to circumvent a large part of it by buying all the water I needed from the unit’s commissary; they allowed it in my case, but most people are not so lucky. Over ½ of the inmates of that unit seemed to suffer from mental retardation of some kind & that is not an exaggeration of any kind. Come to find out, this is happening in many forms across a variety of the approximately 100 units in the state of Texas. One of the most critical and important aspects of good health is clean water. It affects everything we do.


    And it is the perfect way for anyone with nefarious intent to destroy someone.


    Add that to the mental health issues already compounded by everything else going on, including being trapped in solitary confinement for 24 hours a day. And make no mistake about it, you are trapped. There’s no way out. You are trapped in that cage, that room, that cell. There is no getting out of it. I’ve seen & known of so many people who get beat to death by staff; go crazy and/or do life altering things due to drug use and overdose, including die; suicides are prolific here. The list of atrocities go on and on and on. But it’s all swept under the rug & kept out of the public eye.


    Whenever you die in TDCJ, the warden signs a 4 page document and you are carried out under a white sheet, disposed of & completely forgotten about. Anything having to do with you is pretty much wiped clean. Not a word of it is ever really heard about on the radio, T.V., newspapers, or anything else. Much less in-depth investigations. The less people know, the better. You are effectively erased. Even when suits are filed and awareness raised, what’s going to happen? Most families of those in TDCJ are those who are in poverty. They are not highly educated. They do not know what to do. Case closed. So many of my neighbors have hanged themselves & killed themselves with razors by cutting their carotid artery and allowing their hearts to pump all of the blood out of their wound while they bleed to death. And no one cares.  There was so much blood loss from one of the men who did this in the next pod from me while I was at Stiles unit from 2015 - 2017 that it literally began escaping from under his door because there was so much blood. At that unit, my neighbor also hanged himself & multiple individuals died & committed suicide within a 4 month span, including multiple guards doing what they call “running a team” on a single individual and killing him as a result. This is where they don full riot gear including helmets, batons & riot shields and at a number of at least 5 officers, storm into an offenders cell and beat the life out of him. They’ll slam your face in the ground, knocking out your teeth, break your fingers, hands, arms, legs. They develop strategies where they know cameras will not see their actions and do whatever they can get away with.  They did this twice to the guy at Stiles unit in the living area next to mine. After they left him in there with absolutely no property, nothing, he died. That’s not even including all of the offender on offender violence.


One instance of suicide was at Coffield unit, in Tennessee Colony. I spoke to the guy in the neighboring cell & he voiced his complaints  of how we were trapped in these tiny cells due to the COVID lockdown of the whole prison system. How the staff does absolutely nothing to help you. How this was his first time in prison for aggravated robberies committed due to drug addiction. How he was coming up for parole in coming years, but did not think he would get it, despite good behavior. He passed me some of his property that contained some pornographic material. I did not think much of it at the time - these are the things I’ve dealt with & heard about all of my life - but I see now he was giving me things he did not want his family to have in his property when it was released to them. He had a child. He killed himself that night. Suicide by hanging.


And I broke down and cried. Because it had been so many years and now I was back in for crimes the cops had framed me for, simply because they could. And all I wanted was to die, too…….


The problem with all of this is you  actually have a culture of people in these places that want these things to happen, both offenders and prison officials alike. They actually like seeing this kind of garbage. They like breaking men. They like seeing them in cages. They like starving them, beating them, torturing them however they can get away with. People think of medieval torture devices as the only means of torture, but it is just not true. If I picked you up out of society while you where simply living your life, then threw you in a cage and held you there against your will, I’m sure most reasonable people would consider that torture in & of itself. But then lets make that cage nothing but rock hard steel and concrete. Lets expose you to all the elements of the weather, including the extreme heat and cold. Lets take any bedding you might have, or any “blankets”, as what passes for blankets in TDCJ are not something any reasonable human being would willingly give to even a homeless person. Lets then hurt you. Lets break your bones, say your face, or jaw, or hands, or feet, as I have had done more times than I can count. I’ve had to literally manually masticate my food by using my hands to make my jaw move due to multiple quadrants of my jaw being repeatedly broken. I should have had proper medical care, but that was and still is non-existant here. Admitting I needed medical care due to a broken jaw means problems were occurring at that facility, which as I described, would lead to them losing their power. Their power is far more important than my pain.


The problem is, to them, it is far more important to them than your pain as well - all of our pain. They have these things called “legal cages”. It is a tiny cage you can barely even turn around in, usually coated in the forever lasting grime of chemical agents that have been used against inmates while in these tiny things. These are where they make inmates wait, for whatever they may be waiting for. You cannot go to the bathroom, so you’ve to urinate in bottles. If  you have to defecate, you”ll eventually just do it. Not only will you feel the seemingly everlasting burn of the chemical agents they use on you while in these things, there are stories of people being burnt to a crisp, just being forced to sit in these things.


There is no help, here. Who is going to help you? You’re just an “inmate”. Who gives a shit about you? It is the same mentality as the Gestapo in Nazi Germany of World War II. I will hurt you for power. Not only that, but I will enjoy it. I will enjoy making you hurt, making you squirm, making you beg, making you plead, making you bend to my will…..making you break. Making you die. To kill who you are inside. To have that authority over someone is the ultimate power. And while there are now certain laws in place to prevent the atrocities from WWII happening again (and believe me when I say many of these people’s biggest fear is having done unto them as they do unto others, hence why these cowards do these things), it is the same mentality of sadism. I’ve personally borne witness to it my entire life. I know. The difference is, I am making it out of here. Most people in my position never do. And if they do, they are only a shell of their former selves.


I have never once in my life given them the satisfaction of having them break me in this fashion. But everyone has a breaking point. The closest I have personally ever come to losing my mind was during the COVID lockdown. COVID was nothing but an excuse for TDCJ to stop all movement. No commissary. People were starving.People were dying and it was all being filtered swiftly by the state to not let it leak to the public. The lies of wardens and other senior officials filtered through the airwaves of television and radio alike. “There’s no problem here…….”, while I’m watching abulances secretly carry people away time after time, day after day, with death tolls rising. Many of those inmates carried away in secret never returned. This is no conspiracy, this is normal behavior. This is another day at the office. The censors were applied swiftly before any news media agency was briefed and/or spoken to.  


Meanwhile, offenders are being starved. Portions not fit for elementary school children are being given to grown men, without reprieve. Day in, day out. Triple digit calories every day. And with such caloric deprivation, how in God’s  name could anybody fight off infections like COVID? No wonder so many people were falling ill and dying. Then to top it off, there was no coming out of the cell, for anything. No recreation, no “day room”, no going outside. Being trapped inside a cell, with all the anguish of losing everything I love in my life, everything that makes me happy, makes me whole……a cell I can place the palms of my hands on each side of the walls at the same time in, that I can take on 2½ steps before I’ve to turn around. Never able to leave? I lost my mind. Multiple times. Combined with poisoned water supplies, it is the definition of madness. I went insane in there. But not completely. I was able to hang on to that incredibly invaluable, ever important thread of sanity, and find my way back to myself and my life. But dealing with the corruption of the appeals court and their decisions, realizing they are all corrupt and would never let me out of here, you lose all hope.


Until I finally found the hope I was looking for. 


And now, I am scheduled for a parole hearing next summer as of this writing (09/15/2023). I believe I will get it. That was not supposed to happen, but it is what has restored my sanity. Once my eyes were finally opened and I truely understood what had been being done to me for my entire life, the why and the how, I finally figured out ways to circumvent it. So now I am waiting for my release. My exposé to the world. I am fighting for every victim in our society. For every individual who has been wrongfully convicted, who has been harrassed by law enforcement - abused,framed, set up, who has faced these people lying under oath as if it absolutely nothing to them. Every single one, because one is one too many. I am fighting for every victim and survivor of sexual assault in our world. For every one of our children, so that they get the household, family and education they deserve, as education is what is going to stop so much of this.


I am fighting for every victim of poverty and circumstance in our world’s societies. For years worth of unaccounted for neglect, abuse and outright sadism. For all of the victims of the Holocaust - for the justice that tens of millions of them deserve - and for the lasting effects of these atrocities we still see today, that I wish I could have done so much more about. For every victim of terrorism that has ever fallen and/or been affected by this mindless violence. For every person who has sat up crying at night, wishing they would die because of the injustices that have befallen them. Whom have cried out for & looked for that one thing we need more than anything when all else fails.




Help that all too often never arrives. I will dedicate my life to being there for these individuals who deserve that help if it is the last thing I ever do. As a result of what has happened to me, been done to me. I promised you I will be there, but just not today. Not yet. I have to do all of this right. One misstep and all that I have done so far will be for nothing.


But my intention is to eventually become The President of the United States of America, eventually becoming the leader of the entire free world.


Understand this is only a brief, clipped & shortened version of events tailored down for my friendly acquaintance Jordan Weller, but I trust him with this work  & that it will not be manipulated or abused in any way. This is my first sirens call that I have been able to have reach the public after years of torture and abuse no ordinary citizen would ever think was even believable. But I hereby do so solemnly swear that ever word of this work is true - and there is so, so much more where that came from. And I promise with all of my heart for all of those who need help the most, that  despite any interpretations, viewpoints, or personally conceived notions about any of my words in these pages, that I am dedicating my entire life to you. Know that we love you and we love you with all of our hearts, that I am going to do all I can to make life work the way that it is supposed to work. No games. No gimmicks. Just truth. Again, we love you. I love you. I dedicated this and all my life’s work to each and all of you.    And for all those struggling, my advice is pretty simple and straightforward.


Never give up.



Lucas Calaway Farmer

09/15/2023 - 1:50 a.m.


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