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Solitary Confinement,


                                Has left me tramatized, Bruised, and Battered...feeling Like a Black Slave on a plantation, Like a Jew in a concentration camp...just existening with Hopes, and Dreams of Freedom one Day! I’m often asked...How Have I Been able to survive for all these’s simply Because, I stopped Living for myself years ago...I Have pen-friends that Have told me, that I Have Changed their Life - that they couldn’t picture Life with out me in, my pen-friends are who I Do this for, so, I’ve Blocked out Everything else...they are my Life...mail call is the High Light of my Day!

so, no matter How much they Have Beatin me Down...they could never steal my Good Heart, that I Give away to all my pen-friends on a Daily!


I can’t tell the World what my future Looks Like...Because, I’m too focused on my pen-friends well Being, to focus on my Bullshit!

so, to all my pen-friends, you’re not only my friends, you are my family. I Love you, I Do this for you all!



                                                                   In Stride, 


Paul Slater - Texas Letters

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

24 years in solitary / ad seg



June 28, 2021


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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