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    My friend Molly gave me you guys info said your interested in our stories from the inside. Lets see where to start. I have An Agg. Life sentence for Att. Capital murder of A peace officer. I was young on drugs & confused. I thought I was ready for death, because I had no clue what life is, so I tried to make the police kill me, sad but true, now I’m aware of what life should be but I’m wasting Away in A cage Again sad but true. I got to TDCJ in 2012 after fighting or should I say delaying my case for almost 2 years! When I got here I had All the same tattoos, Affiliations, etc. For A little over two years I lived in general population w/ no major cases, model inmate. In 2014 the gang intelligence officer takes pictures of my tattoos and finds mail from confirmed STG members, so they lock me up in Agg seg. And I’ve been here since, because the only way to get out is to go through grad which puts A snitch jacket on someone And in prison makes you a target for Assault ect. ect. Last month I did sign up for grad because of two reasons. 1. Ive started to realize that living that way has started to cause me to have serious psyc problems 2. I have no way to better myself, I keep losing friends and family due to me not being Able to have Any real contact, phone calls, contact visits, even timely mail Are non-existant when you live in Agg. seg/Restrictive housing same thing they just changed the name.

Ive not had Any disciplinary infractions in 3 years, Im line class S4 the highest line class one can have in RH/AS. In the 9 years RH/AS, Ive seen guys lose touch completely w/ reality and just be medicated w/ drugs that evidently not work. I’ve seen the officers victimize inmates, by spraing them in the Anus and genitals w/ chemical agents. Run 5 man teams And block the camara while they beat the inmate while handcuffed. Ive seen people be starved, not given any food for A week And say the inmate refused. I’ve seen the law destroy peoples personal property. Ive seen alot of things go on that shouldn’t. Yes, it couldve been Avoided if the inmates wouldve been subservant, but that doesn’t make it right. To give credit where its due the new warden Mrs. Crosby has made Alot of positive changes since her Arrival. As for getting recreation & shower the officers will most time do either/or. If they dont say they Are short of staff. This environment is not fit for Any human, even for short periods of time let Alone, years or decades. Well, I don’t know if this is what you guys Are looking for, but its what Ive been through in the last decade or so. 




Robertson Unit, Abilene, Texas

8 years in solitary / ad seg



February 11, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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