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I continue to be held in Ad Seg in isolation at the Allred Unit Iowa Park, Texas; despite still suffering from Mental illnesses and effects caused by long Term isolation: oversleeping, depression, anxiety, voices and hallucinations, tiredness, and seizures. I arrived at the Allred unit on February 9, 2,022, was being transferred on an emergancy transfer from Micheals Unit (Mental Health therapuetic Diversion program) in Tennessee Colony, Tx, along with 35 other people that were in the program. This program was closed down Because of in Humain conditions, Too many people killed themselves Between november 2021 and January 2,022, and there were alot of complaints by prisone’s families and prisoners - ultimately it resulted with having too much heat/complaints on program and transferred about 400 prisoners that were in program to about 4 different units. It was the worse place I’ve ever been at in My 31 yrs incarcerated. I was glad to be out of that place. I was there from March 2018 Till February 2022, and same problems remained And got worse during that time I was there: cells leak every time it rained flooding our cells and leaving a moldy smell in our cells, Exhaust vents that supose to clear bad air did not work, infested with Rats, Roaches, Spiders, ants, and bed bugs. It was difficult to breath and I developed a constant caugh, and had it the entire time I was there. Officers working there weren’t properly trained to deal with Mentally ill prisoners which resulted with prisoners dying of suicide or overdose of Medication, or prisoners hurting themselves. Always short of staff That resulted with no Recreation, no showers or group classes. What Made the situation worse, they came and took our T.V’s out our dayrooms to punish us for Making complaints of inHumain coditions in Oct 2019. Now we had nothing to put our minds on to deal with our Mental illnesses and stress. This caused Me and alot of people to regress alot of people started to kill themselves. I’ve Made alot of complaints that friends help me write during the time I was there, and experianced Harrassment and retaliation for those complaints from security, Medical and Mental Health Dept. Three times They’ve taken me off all My Medication for Thyroid disorder, seizure disorder, Antidepresant, anti psychotic Meds. They did it this past october 2021, they gave me back most of my meds but My seizure Medication for some reason I’m having a hard time getting it back at Allred unit, Even though I’ve written sick calls and grievances on it, and had friends from out there to Make complaints about it. I have also discovered through one of My grievances, that Mental health dept falsified records to show that I sign documents to discharge Mental Health program and that I also signed documents of Refusal of treatment - which is all false. They did this in retaliation to My other complaints for Mental health treatment/therapy. Many other people were experiencing same issues but didn’t having any one to help them file complaints like I did; and they were driven to extreme psychotic episodes.

At this new place Its way Better than Michaels, its clean Exhaust vents work - no roaches or rats - and we get phone calls once a week without Missing. Still having problems with short of staff which is resulting in not enough recreation or shower - Theres nothing to help me with My Mental illnesses (Treatment and therapuetic tools) Classification has me classified as Chronicly Mentally Ill (CMI-SH) But have no other programs available for me and other people that are here with me in same situation. On record we are not considered Ad Seg or restricted Housing, so we are not counted with stats with Ad Seg/restricted housing, yet we are still held under Ad Seg conditions with isolation, single recreation etc….handcuffed when escorted…They do this to show the public that they are reducing Ad Seg more than they what they really are. That’s about 400 prisoners that wont show that are being held in Ad Seg conditions but are not counted as Ad Seg - It’s a form of falsifying records to avoid being sanctioned by Federal Courts and Government Funding grants. The prison system is determined to continue the use of Ad Seg prolong isolation conditions even though they know the Harm it causes.

                                                                 Roger Uvalle


Allred Unit, Iowa Park, Texas

28 years in solitary / ad seg



June 12, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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