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Solitary Confinement: A prison within a prison.  I’ve been “housed” for a little over a year now.  My experience in administrative segregation has varied from shock, anger, embarassment, sadness - overall disgusted.  While there are hard times, the only thing saving me is, I enjoy my solitude.  From the outside looking In, we deserve to be in here.  We’re paying our dues to society.  Everyone makes mistakes, even while learning from a previous one.  But does that subject us to the treatment that we must endure?  During the summer, we hardly get respite showers -even so, we start to get them after mid summer.  Water runs are not done every hour.  When we do get water it is often warm, as we do not get ice distributed in our coolers as required.  In the winter, the showers are freezing cold.  In the summer, they’re scalding hot.  This winter, we were not allowed jackets. Our heaters only worked for a short amount of time. There were nights I couldn’t even sleep because I was so cold. We are never told when we have visits, so we are never prepared for one. If we aren’t “ready” we are rushed, threatened to have our visits terminated or lose time when we’re already late because no one wants to escort us.

I have seen inmates/staff dashed with urine, feces, menstrual blood.  I’ve seen inmates/staff spit on.  I’ve witnessed inmates be assaulted by officers.  They take so long to respond to inmates having seizures, trying to commit suicide, or anything else that needs immediate attention. The pod, showers, rec cages are filthy. We cannot clean the shower due to us being handcuffed. Due to the filth alone, we opt for “wash offs” in our cell sink. We aren’t allowed to have towels in our cells, although closed custody levels (G5) are. The majority of cells are broken in some way. Even if our toilet is broken, we are forced to live in the cell. No matter our transgressions, we are human LIVING inhumane. Solitary Confinement: A place where you learn how to survive, because honestly, you have no choice. 


By:     Alexandria Flores


Lane Murray Unit

1916 N Hwy 36 Bypass

Gatesville, Tx 76596

Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

1 year in solitary / ad seg



March 27, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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