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Solitary Confinement has been my housing for over a year. I’ve felt alone, hopelessness, depressed and regret. Since I been In ad-seg, I’ve seen people throw their feces on others. I can remember a time when It was so hot last year, It wasn’t any ice and they wouldn’t give us water. If they did It could only be half a cup. They don’t clean down here. They allow the inmate janitors (ssi’s) to handle our food without gloves on. We have had birds and cats in here over 4 months. The water in the shower is always cold. It has been times when they would hold our mail including magazines and books. It has been hard down here.

They don’t let us know when we have visits to prepare ourself. I can remember a time the officer told me to leave my ID behind and I needed It for my visit, but they wouldn’t allow me to take it. So I wasn’t able to get my photo at visit. These officers are very lazy. When it’s very hot, we aren’t allowed to have respite showers. IT’s never enough staff to do rec. I be wanting to go outside sometimes and get some air. It feels like these walls are closing in. When my grandma passed, they only gave me a 5 minute phone call. Some nights, It’s so loud, It's hard to sleep. Being In ad-seg has been hard for me. 

By: Dajna D Brown


     1916 N Hwy 36 Bypass

     Gatesville, Texas 76596

Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

1 year in solitary / ad seg

Dajna D.


March 27, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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