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Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

4 months in solitary / ad seg


January 25, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

I have been a housed inmate for four months now & it is so hard trying to get anything I need & that I am obligated to have. For instance, we never have I-60’s or grievances and when they do have them it takes them 2-3 days just to give them to you. We literally only get 4 water runs a day if were lucky. Most days though we get 2 & that’s it until night shift comes and they only do one water run. When an inmate is calling out that there suicidal the officers take it as a joke and that’s why 3 people have killed themselves since I’ve been down here. We only get REC 2 days out of the week for 1 hour when it’s suppose to be 2 hours. Then when the SSI brings our trays in they set them up and the officers let our food get cold and feed us 30 minutes to an hour after our chow arrives.

The thing I hate the most is when we get took out for showers they leave us in there for 30-45 minutes and they don’t make the SSI’s clean the showers. We have a shower that has no light in it & they still make us shower in there when that is a safety precaution. There are even officers that will pass you up for everything if they don’t like you or don’t want to do their job. I have wrote multiple grievances about an officer that grabbed my breast one day and they still haven’t did anything about the situation. Even the other officers that were around said that the officer who did it was out of line for the stunt they pulled. It’s a lot of that goes on in Ad-Seg that is never brung to light because they feel like we don’t matter down here. I just don’t understand why we’re treated the way we are but hopefully some of these things I’ve mentioned will be seen and something will be done about it.


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