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Robertson Unit, Abilene, Texas

16 years in solitary / ad seg


January 25, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

Greetings to who reads this short report on TDCJ current ongoings here at the Robertson Unit in Abilene Texas. I have written this fully twice then attempted to send out normal mail only to have it confiscated under the term “gang related” which means they can take it all never giving it back. Old trick, anyhow as I write this we have a young white inmate in our dayroom on suicide watch with nobody watching him since about eleven this morning and this has become a normal thing waking up very early for the standard breakfast of cold pancakes looking to my left seeing someone out there walking are most of the time high on drugs looking crazy. There is a yellow curtain thats normally hung up to give a tiny bit of privacy at the toilet with all types of stains on it which has been ripped down then put down onto the concrete for these sad people to lay on. Moving along this wing has one full section of 14 solitary cells only for suicide watch I can see myself across the wing through the windows of the control booth. TDCJ policy is to have an actual employee sit outside the cell to watch them and I would think its probably some kind of state or federal policy but anyhow the prison system being so shorthanded this unit is actually using inmates that are our “peer educators” or “field minister inmates”. Both status have to already have done many years in prison with no issues. I know this is facts because I speak to two of them weekly along with seeing them both sitting over there. More in the morning with this going over the weekend. 1-27-24 Saturday - ‘Hostage Cell’ - Another day here but after many grievances filed on these peoples neglect, hatefulness among other subjects I was put on transit status pending transfer. Other than that there is no change its constant nonsense and woke up to chaotic screaming from multiple inmates that have severe mental issues although they think all is normal with them even if these guys don’t shower, groom or any other self care, throw feces and urine when angry as well! Had a run in with one of these exact guys three months ago after helping him out when an officer was starving him for two days running. So I caused some problems for the officer since all is on camera with the mental patients extreme paranoia kicking in thinking now I’m a part of the plot on him. Well about a week goes by with me not knowing he was waiting patiently on me, and the same day recreation and showers were being done with him being put in our dayroom first them me in our shower first. I start showering no big deal and about half through the guy calls my name asking if it was me in the shower after he watched me walk past him but I don’t answer being busy. He crawls up on the bars onto the second level to the showers and proceeds to spray three water bottles of diluted feces into the shower on me! On camera like it was no big issue the officers smell it coming over seeing feces everywhere going to the other side of the wing. He got no disciplinary sanctions, nothing. They move me to an even worse section. There is not alot going on this early in the morning and yesterday a weird bout of depression hit me so badly I couldn’t eat, concentrate or function much so went to bed about one in the evening sleeping until 3AM this morning feeling somewhat better.

    More on this today I need to work on a Bible study. Have a good day ;).

8:30AM Sunday 1-28-24

Greetings to ya’ll! Another day upon us and these folks are so short staffed we are being fed two sandwiches in a paper sack the last two meals and sad to say these small sandwiches are most the time more filling that the ‘meals’ on trays served. Funny thing is when there are huge budget cuts towards prison systems what do the prisons themselves cut? Food and general living condition standards for inmates. Texas is still so far behind all other states its one step above slavery but truly is slavery no inmates are paid for the many hours of work they do every day. Also I’ve been in solitary confinement going on 9 years straight this time for being a part of a gang although I have not even been a part of this gang since 2018! Been approved and met all requirements to go to the renouncement program for two years only to keep being told to be patient by the management office coordinator in Huntsville along with the unit office that will not even respond to request any longer. So guess what I’m forced to live around gang members, mental health patients or disciplinary sanctioned inmates like a hostage. 11AM same morning with a development. About ten minutes ago a small extremely skinny black man was wrestling with three officers only to be forced into the dayroom with the door slammed then stood screaming like a Zulu warrior at them for a solid ten minutes! Once he got it all out the officers spoke softly to him he was told to strip nude and is on suicide watch. So the officers leave him in there an four inmate workers show up giving him a blanket asking him whats up because apparently know him. He wraps in the blanket then tells them he has been on meth for five days no sleep nor food, waving his hands wildly saying he’s got to go get his money. Well readers this right here is the best that can be provided why the deaths in TDCJ have increased doubling in the last five to seven years with the massive influx of meth flowing in through officers because its in chunks and rock type form with it only able to come in from officers from the outside. Now you begin to see the picture why so many deaths are put as suicides then the toxicology is read with all understood. Have done or did years ago for many years and did in prison with the mental breakdown in these cells already terrible thrown on a drug that makes high anxiety, paranoia, violence along with many other ugly side effects. More later a preacher is out there trying to talk him into eating a peanut butter sandwich,- Monday 1-29-24/10:25 AM  Well we survived another weekend with the negative vibes flowing strongly here as is normal. The meth junkie is still in our dayroom but did not eat getting some sleep. He had no hygiene material so a guy gave him a brand new Speed Stick and Colgate with him immediately hollering to the next section he had brand new items for “some smoke” and I just shook my head wondering has it truly gotten this bad in here? Obviously so. They have 14 cells in the suicide section totally filled plus all 6 day rooms has someone in it as well meaning a big load of dope hit probably. Word just came we get the sandwiches for both meals today. I’m up for parole now and pray to God every morning for release on any condition. More later. 1-30-24 4:15 AM Good morning to you out in the real world. Breakfast was an egg sandwich and burrito which is a first but it was in the sack. This is getting like a unit in Tennessee Colony named Michaels unit were everything is barely above living standard for a prison and surprisingly if people had no experience I’ll tell you they just got to give you extreme basic hygiene supplies, and can house you in tiny concrete box’s as I;m in presently and feed you pretty much anything as long as it meets the guidelines for calories. We are sack sandwiches for almost a year then got showers once every two weeks or so on that unit I spoke of. Roaches were so bad you just had to let them roam free or spend all free time constantly waiting them. Anyhow its actually quiet for once this week. My neighbor to the left has been on hunger strike for six days solid for some reason not realizing they don’t pay much attention to this here smiling at him. Sent my mother a really awesome card that was hand made because she’s been battling cancer and has it at a stand still for now but I’m so far away the visits with my family are rare when it used to be every month. This nonsense in prison specificly solitary makes it were I truly have to force myself to get up some mornings wondering if this is really worth it going through these motions not able to do much productive. Took me years just to sing up then actually do self help programs for parole since the prisons make it so complicated on purpose to get out of solitary confinement. Really sad. You will not get help for your mental health unless cut on yourself, attempt suicide, hurt someone or go to a psych unit. It’s all a show at unit level although here on Robertson there is one young lady that will try her best if your serious. The issue is now in attempts to change policy in TDCJ is opened a door for anyone wanting some attention (negative), cause problems and maybe play games to do so easily getting away with it bogging the system down give the prisoners an outlook of negligence from the “boy who cried wolf” complex. There are many who like solitary verses general population that are not gang members but get themselves put back here adding another layer to the problem so many are trying to get fixed because Texas is one of the only with this segregation widespread and normal. Things are slowly changing some better, some worse. These tablets have made a hygiene difference in exposure along with keeping the mind occupied with something positive. Going to get this in the mail to see if this ‘clean’ version will go out. Had to take out alot regarding officers starving inmates among other things. Thank you for your time and will be sending these as I’m able this is my only stamp for now. You guys stay positive out there.


    Calyton McGuire #1997701


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