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    Thou i will make the argument that every day is Mother’s Day.I’m sitting here listening to a beautiful song called,“MOST BEAUTIFUL”,by Maverick City Music praise choir;Chandler Moore.

    And so many things that is happening today has me reflecting on my past life,and upbringings.I was raised by women growing up,and they all instilled apart of themselves into who i am as a man.My grandmother taught me how to cook,clean a home,and show respect to the elders,as well as take pride in your presentation to others:To look your best.

    My mother and godmother taught me the principles of never abandoning your family.”Family is all you have at the end of the day,”they would say on repeat.If one went down we all go down,and that’s how i was raised up(it saddens me to know these principles no longer apply to my family who are in the world,as they all seem to be doing their own selfish things.).

    Many call my personality as insincere,rough-around-the-edges,cantankerous,brutally honest;and so forth.But when i think about my past,i can pin-point my all or nothing honesty with the shockingly admiration with two female relatives,my aunt Kathy and my cousin,Stephaine.These two together only met up during family gatherings during holidays;and it was always a E-5 Tornado,colliding with a Category-5 Hurricane. The adults hated when they started acting out.Us–kids witnessing it all,found it fascinating.Cause all family secrets,no matter how morbid,came out.And sure,they was acting a fool.But no one ever called them a lier,and it was actually therapy for them.So why hide?Why lie?That’s where i got that from.

    I learned kindness and generosity from the many women in my town who welcomed anyone into their homes for a meal.The first time a school teacher ever took a interest in me was Mrs. Herbert,who taught me daily that i could accomplish anything i set my mind to do .All of the other teachers told me to be quiet and play sports.Mrs.Herbert even wanted to tutor me after school,and i never had to give her a apple.I never forgot her kindness even thou i never accepted her help.I played sports. (ironically enough,a decade later it would be her La.State Trooper husband,who would stop me for speeding one night.Took $4,000 from the money he confiscated before turning in the rest as evidence.He would also testify in my Capital Murder trial and told the jury that i was the most evil person he ever met,cause i was speeding.WOW!Wonder what he would think about the character of those who are mass shooters).

    It was a woman who taught me th birds and the bees,when no man felt comfortable enough to explain things to me.Perhaps the former President could have learned a thing or two from her,so he would know that it’s not cool to walk around grabbing women’s pussy.So uncool,D.T.

    All of the women i had a intimate relationship with when i was free,were all damn good women.I wasn’t good.I was immature.I ruined the relationship.Not them.And from each one of them i learned some key values.

    I learned about humanity and what it entailed from my beloved spiritual mum,Ursula Klein,from Germany.She showed love to everyone all over the world through her charity work,and her tears.She softened my heart and placed a feeling of love inside of it.Many people(men and women)wonder why i always tell them i love them,and my words started with the angelic person my spiritual mum was to me and others;that i actually witnessed.She may have been a small ant hill on the outside,but inwardly-she was a Mountain..Sadly she would die of cancer in 2010.One of her sayings was,”The world need more love.It needs to hear it is loved.Every single day.”And in time i understood what she meant.

    Since i been on Texas DR,in 24 years,i have only had 4 men to ever attempt to befriend me.All of the people who has come into my life and clothed me,feed me,visit me,care for me, advocated for me…has all been ‘women’.And i am not complaining.Just stating a fact.

    Jesus,Budda,Muhammad,Abraham,or whoever you praise or worship-religiously;all came from the womb of a woman.Was all nurtured by women.And when a woman gives birth,she literally risk her life to bring life into this world.Think about that last statement.Because the truth is,it is so often overlooked.But we should never overlook the sacrifices that motherhood entails.

    I’ve smiled a lot to many things that in the moment made me happy.I’ve had many pleasures in this world that was memorable.But,there’s one experience that is so amazing,that i could never express perfectly nor explain using mere words:that’s the act of copulating with a woman.And every man should wake up in the morning,thanking any woman he encounters,for all the she is to this world.To the civilation of all human race.Thank you mothers.Thanks to all the sisters, aunts,coworkers,teachers,and all women of the world;from past,present and future.Cause the greatest gift that keeps on gifting is the importance of a woman and all she creates.And i am not talking Trans-women(I am sure the trans community can provide pleasures in some form,but you all can not bring life in this world,THE WAY WOMEN GAVE LIFE TO YOU ALL.)I am talking to the “planters” of the world.

    The bible and other religious texts,uses words like-He,Him,Man…to describe our God.And i am mindful that the original texts were translated by a man.It just seems to me that if i was inclined to place a gender on the Almighty Creator of all creations,then God as a woman would be my choice.

    So for all the men in this world,past,and present who never thought about how they ‘got here’ ,i want to thank all of you women for being who you are and were created to be.I have several friends who never bore a child.And i still tell them how valued they are as Mothers of this earth.I still send them Mother’s Day Cards  and greetings.Cause i let them know,their spirits bare the fruits of kindness,passion,compassion,love,and care…and so many more traits that all display what being a Mother is all about.

    I love you all!







            Written by:Charles ‘Chucky’ Mamou/2023

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

23 years in solitary / ad seg



May 18, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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