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Hello, my name is Perry E. Williams Jr. I have been in carcerated in prison for the majority of my life under the worst sentence possible:DEATH! Men with this sentence are relegated to a building that is segregated and isolated from all other prisoners. Thus, the people I’ve met are faced with the same uncertainty. 


    Yet, this same rigorous isolation has caused many, myself included to lose a sense of our sanity to the point where we’ve punched and kicked walls. Sworn, yelled, bit at the air; and at our lowest we’ve tried to end it all.


    Due to the fact that isolation isn’t good for anyone, because it puts us into the mindset where we don’t know what’s real or an illusion of our imagination that we jump at every sound or if someone gets close to us. 


    I have seen men that were so mentally strong drop into the vicious cycle of mental illness that they not only play with their own feces, but some even mutilate themselves, by cutting and even plucking out their own eyes.

    So when we’re even given a semblance of freedom we still act like we’re caged animals that shows our spirits have been broken. Which are all the effects of being placed in long term segregation. 


    Or end up like my brother Terence Andrus and succumb to these effects and kill themselves.


    So whomever reading this please join in and help break this vicious cycle of mental illness caused by countless years of men being held in the isolation of segregation!!!!!




Perry E. Williams Jr.

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

21 years in solitary / ad seg

Perry E.


April 19, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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