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Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

7 months in solitary / ad seg


January 3, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

Hello, my name is Dominique Macon! Im writing on behalf of the ill treatment ad seg inmates face everyday. Im one, and anything to exercise the rights of inmates and voice my beliefs on how we’re suppose to be treated as humans despite the eight digits behind our name and the bias stereo-typed opinions from authority abusing their power. Im all in. I would also like to declare that Ive been falsely incriminated. A thorough investigation was not enforced to uphold the decision of the board, to house me as an ad-seg offender. But since I’ve been housed ad-seg I’ve been deprived main essentials, if not all. Instead of 3 hot meals a day Im served 3 cold, spoiled meals which is poison to the immune system. Im also served polluted water with toxic waste. Lane Murray confidentually attempting to suffocate us with poison such as contaminated water and unhealthy food servings. Our recreational area even unsanitary. The toilets expendable. There’s no recreational equipment. The rec yard is never cleaned. The T.V.’s that are set up for inside recreation are for decoration because neither of the four T.V.’s work and haven’t worked in over a year. We’ve made the necessary complaints to the right authorities, but they have more important issues to manage. Our needs dont fit their schedule.., their affirmation. Its also impossible to receive proper medical assistance and the medical providers most times put you as incompetent. Authorities avoid dealing with ad-seg inmates because rarely is there movement or management. Grievance procedures ridicule any complaint made against whoever or whatever; one: Because the warden doesn’t honor her position by authorizing TDCJ’s policy, regulations, ethically and professionally standardized at highest expectations. And two: Inmates wants and needs are almost non-existant in the eyes of a crooked, dishonest law official. We, inmates, come last, it all like I stated before.

Most times C.O.’s govern cya (cover ya ass) syndrome, for any authority above them such as regional 6, ACA, or even the cameras when they choose to cut them on. Authorities put on for the outside authorities above them, making it seem as if all along theyve been doing a qualified job. I mean we’re deprived the minimum assets such as a broom, mop, chemicals to clean with. They expect us to sweep our floor with a sack or pad. The arrangements are horrible but we make due. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is warranted in daily compliance and we just want what we’re supposed to to have. Without a warden who cares enough to influence the rights of policy we’ll continue to be stuck without the necessities. Inmates take care of inmates around here. Primary example, instead of C.O.’s giving inmates that just arrived on the unit basic necessities, bed rolls, mattress, food etc…us thats been here give that inmate what we can and push for the C.O. on duty to do their job and help the inmate in need. When it comes to legal mail or law library paper work we basically help each other with those situations as well. Law library management does not put in effort to help us with questions we have. The problem is they don’t care. They show up to get a check and go home. The things we learn in person are from other inmates or other freeworld supporters like family and friends. Depending on authorities we’ll be without. We survive and encourage each other to never give up, which is a gratitude that cannot be measured for our appreciation of our fellow peer is immense for many reasons. TDCJ’s mission is to provide public safety, promote positive change in offenders behavior, reintegrate offenders into society and assist victims of crime. We’re being victimized, rights are being abused, the same ones we’re supposed to be able to confide in about our problems the same ones dismissing our problems, creating more mental barriers on top of the ones we already have. I mean living in a box 24 hrs a day does damage to ones mental, and to provoke our rights with bad influences is truly absurd, and forbidden. We need justice. ‘Priciate the love 


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