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Hughes Unit, Gatesville, Texas

30 years in solitary / ad seg



November 26, 2023


Photography by MICHAEL BARAJAS

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After Hunger Strike I participated in 1-10-23, I lasted 2 weeks on the strike experianced 2-incidents where I was mistreated for my participation in this strike: one By a nurse Ms Roberts who was checking weight and vital signs on all people that were on hunger strike. She claimed that I ate one of the meals and that I no longer on list of hunger strike but on that Meal she claimed that I ate officer that escorted me was the person that passed the food out and told the nurse that he’s a witness that I didn’t eat because he’s the one that fed and he never put my name on list that I ate. The other incident was during shake down, officers that shook my property threw away my commissary socks, comissary shoe laces and Medical issued knee sleeve. after the strike ended, the director of TDCJ spoke with one of the people that organized the hunger strike - they stated they are not going to release people to population - the only thing they will attempt to do is start group recreation in Ad Seg, give us Tablets, and start programs. After this I was this I went on Medical chain 3-times for stomach problems and was transferred to another Mental Health Therapuetic Divergen program like I was in Michaels unit. Stomack problems I sense it’s caused by the cold food they serve us the majority of the time and some times spoiled - on a regular basis - the stomach problems I have been having for over 15 yrs, constapation, irregular bowl movements (Twice a week), stomach pains, and hemorroihds, blood in my stools. I think my stomach problems can be fixed by simply giving us hot meals like they do in general population they puposefully give us cold food to punish us. they do alot of things like that to punish us, like when I went on chain these past 3 times, they changed how they run chain - Ad seg are only allowed to take one of each hygiene 1-soap, 1-T-Brush 1-T-Paste medication, 1-Bible, 1-Legal folder, 1-shower shoes that we can’t ware until we arrive at unit we go to, and a fan they give us and orange Jumper (used), and orange slippers (used) But they give general population sox and jackets while it’s cold but not Ad Seg. I still struggle to be around other people, and experiance anxiety/panick attacks can’t talk or think while on the bus with other people no matter what I try to do, I can’t function. I was admitted into this program at Hughes unit but it’s worse than allred unit, no recreation or shower, the food is extremely bad cold-low portions and get served Jhonies 4 days out of the week. I’ve lost about 30 pounds since I got here and have been on lock down 2 times for 90 days combine and have been to recreation 3 times since july 2023 till today nov 26 2023. and they run showers once a week-sometimes we’ll go 2 weeks without shower - no TVs, nothing but sitting/sleeping in My cell 24/7 - and they expect me to get well/recover from my Mental illnesses in this this program. These illnesses are what Hinder me from persuing civil action the system is continuesly violating against Me and Many others that are held under inHumane conditions suffer from various Mental illnesses, chronic depression, anxiety/panick attacks, paranoiha schitzoprenic, Hallucinations, chemical imbalance, chronic tiredness over sleep about 17 hrs (and seems to get worse) any simple task causes me to falll asleep, I get dizzy spells when ever I lower down and get up when I pick up stuff from floor, sweep or mop floor, or do push ups etc…when I straighten up I get dizzy spells and see white spots for several seconds. I struggle to read or write - it takes me a long time to do it without any assistance. I get real bad Mental fatigueness, thoughts are very slow to produce

hard for me to remember things, names, times, and dates things happen, and I lose things alot. I have no education and none are offered in Ad Seg or this program. I have a low IQ and EA score. These ailments/illnesses disabilities are on going / continuel, some longer than others and have gradually gotten worse during My time in Ad Seg on these conditions of prolong isolation in a period of 30 yrs. I’ve been seeking relief from all these things I suffer from that are the effects of prolong isolation and conditions of Ad Seg invironment that Ive been in. I’ve been seeking relief from these inhumane conditions they’ve sent me to several (2) “MHTDP” But it’s worse than Ad Seg because of short of staff. It seems they send me to these places to show in paper and to Media that I’m receiving treatment and that Im no longer in Ad Seg or restricted Housing, which in  record it will show Im no longer in Ad Seg or under these conditions. but Im under worse conditions than I was in Ad Seg. Because of short of staff they are not able to run the program they way it’s supose to run to help us people that are suffering from the effects / ailments caused by long term isolation and inhumane conditions of Ad Seg this created a worse invironment then Ad Seg making my mental and physical conditions worse causing further irreversal damage there’s many like me in here that are going thru this and can’t voice our suffering to get relief and proper treatment. TDCJ are using the supose programs that can’t be runned because of short of staff to Manipulate the federal system to avoid sanctions from federal courts and to receive extra monies. according to records My time in Ad Seg / restricted housing has ceased while on these programs or under CMI Status (cronic mental illness) - the courts prohibit the eccessive and improper use of Ad Seg / restricted housing yet in program conditions are worse than Ad Seg. TDCJ gets extra funding for running these programs but there is no evidence of the use of these funds in the program of how these funds are being used. They are always short of staff, have no TVs, short of food we are given Jhony snacks 4 day 5 out of the week, short of mental health staff. These conditions are making us worse and making more unlikely for our recovery of our illnesses - suicides and attempts are regular. It’s a dangerous place for people like me - I seek relief from these conditions and hope to be able to over come the effects caused by prolong isolation and inhumane condition of Ad Seg and be able to live a normal life.


Roger Uvalle 


Roger Uvalle 625717

P.O. Box 660400 

Dallas, TX 75266-0400



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