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Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

5 years in solitary / ad seg


April 10, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

My name is Elizabeth Escalona hispanic 35 yrs old I’ve been in solitary confinement for 5 yrs I’ve seen too much but I can only speak for myself & what was done to me towards the end of 2018 I was slammed by 300 pd man at the time weighin 105-108 pds Sgt. Bennett “female” told officer Dylan at the time at MT. view unit to slam me the only thing I did was I had stopped walkin to turn around to see who was calling me during being escorted he slammed me so hard I blacked out my chin was busted they glued my chin + put butterfly/stitches & on top of that caused me to have a hairline fracture to the left side of jaw I was left like that over Christmas, new years until the first week of January 2018 or 2019 I was taken to woodman to get a different type of x-rays of my face & its how I found out about my jaw then at the time warden Sellers at MT. View had her officers come in early one of them was a Sgt or Lt Sanchez & 2 other officers drove me straight to Gorey unit as an emergency add on because of the damage/injuries I had I was told warden Sellers told them to take me because I was on the list for Galveston Hospital I wasnt given the chance to take any hygienes I was at Gorey for 3 days never went to Galveston Hospital the whole time tryin to figure why well rank at Gorey didnt even know I was on their unit I wasnt on their roster Then at Lane Murray ad seg Dec 2, 23 officer Smith gassed me for no reason he said I was cutting ignitiated an ICS on me rank came & asked why did I have a blade outside my cell but being that rank knows me well the rank we had at the time knew that blade was planted by officer Smith & know Im no cutter

Feb 7, 2024 I was brutally beaten by Sgt. Aviles, Nathaniel at the Lane Murray Unit I was left with two black eyes, busted vessel in right eye, concusion, butterfly’s/stitches on right side of eyebrow when Sgt. Aviles ignitiated the ICS instead of sayin I was down he said “officer” down it was a way of him covering up & he also said I assaulted him by kicking him when I never touched him Major Gilmore was helpin him act like he was limpin then I was hidden in a small shower & left there for 10 ½ hours when I went back to my cell all of my stuff was destroyed picture of family destroyed I was left with nothing no matt no sheets nothing Sgt. Aviles is know to beat on women & then threatens to retaliate or get them more time it is why no one steps up & speaks you would think these officers including rank are supposed to protect & keep us safe in TDCJ correctional facility but instead they torture us, beat me stop me from going home I had been case free for 3yrs an S4 & now Im not I dont even have my tablet Sgt. Ramirez took it from me Feb 7, 2024 and now we are in April I havent been able to talk to family I am in fear for my life Im scared to come out of my cell the system even tried to hide me by puttin in the system I was off unit when the whole time I was on unit I havent been off unit in about 2 years


Elizabeth Escalona



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