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Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

17 years in solitary / ad seg


April 10, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

    During this time of day, I am sitting and thinking. Think about what happened to me. What has happened to me, and how the people that should be digging are only putting on a show.

    Watch the birds fly by outside the window gets a smile from me. Im still alive to see them fly. To see them peck the ground. Still alive to be in love.

    A few years about I was in another place of mindset because of what Tarrant County has and had done to me and steady covering thing up. Like I said, I’m still alive and lucky to be alive.

    I would go back on bench warrant again to Tarrant County Fort Worth on November 15 2019. 2009, 217, 2019, and the first two months of 2020. Jan and Feb.

    This time would be the worse for me. 2009 2017. I would be tortured and tortured especially when the new supermax was put up. Officers and people that weren’t suppose to be there in that supermax on the inmate side

    Yet 2019 would be different. First on that day of November 15 2019 I would be sent to the supermax and I would be there until an officer would run to tell booking they messed up and put me on the floor with them. 

    So he would have me moved to 730. When I got to the unit on that ThanksGiving of 2019 I would stop because there was feces all over the cell and the officer would tell me to go in. I wouldn’t. So he laughed and said he would have another inmate that was a trustee clean the cell. He didn’t clean the cell so I would stay that ThanksGiving morning clean feces and blood matter off the bed walls toilet floor. 

    I would be in this cell until I was moved. While I was in this cell this officer named Williams. The light skinned mix looking williams that wore glasses. Came through screaming. “It just came in. He working for the fed!”

    I would looking up and he was talking about me. I was like, what is he smoking? Me and the officers have always been into it. Only a few officers talk to me or vibe with me because im always to myself and we talk about horses or something. So him saying that was odd. Very odd. 

    So I was on the lookout for my food and what goes on, sad thing was I was calling Donna Diane Ridgeway talking to her. I told her about things going on she would tell me don’t let it get to me. Thing was the whole time she was working with these people.

    December 3rd 2019 is another I wouldn’t forget. I had a hearing and I came into the courtroom and seen Donna Diane Ridgeway sitting with the prosecutors and the Wilsons. They’re are the family of the man I have been wrongfully convicted of. 

    I would go through the hearing paying attention to her and what’s being said in the courtroom. As things ended for the day, I hear Helena Faulkner tell Deborah Wilson. She was going to do whatever in her power get me. I was still focussing on Donna Diane Ridgeway we had suppose to have gotten married on November 27th of 2018. So I see her sitting with them smiling and the whole time this older white male that was with Deborah Wilson was just smiling at me nodding his head up and down. 

    So when I was sent back to the cell in the supermax things really started to kick up. Another officer named Williams. This one looked like her worked out. He got a copy of my ID card and passed it out to other inmates. He always used to speak but now he was on some stuff that was puzzling. Like I said he got my numbers from somewhere and passed them out to inmates also. 

    So I got mad and I would be moved. This was a part of their plan. Now keep in mind there’s no inmate movement in the supermax. Yet inmates that were helping the officers. They would tell me to get away from the door so they could run in. I wouldn’t get away from the door. Only a fool would let six people run in on them in a cell. So they wouldn’t come in. 

    So Im down there in the cell and wouldn’t eat the food on the tray because I didn’t trust it. Then it got to the point I had to put something in my stomach. So when the food come I only at just a little potatos a piece of the meat and a piece of the brownie. I turned to go to the bunk and I would black out. I would come awake four or five days later and the cell was spinning. I had to steady myself and my legs was weak. Im sure footed but at that moment I couldnt get my legs to stop trembling. They were super weak.

    I would stumble to the door to get some help because something was wrong. That’s when the inmate in the cell across from the cell I was in screamed out. “HE AIN’T DEAD! HE AIN’T DEAD” I would turn to try to make it to the bunk but black out again. I would wake up in another cell in the supermax and the Wilsons were in there waiting on me with the other corrupt people telling me to kill myself. “Look at Mr Tough Guy. You ain’t so tough now. You might as well kill yourself. While you were out. They had fun with you.”

    I had tried not to think about. It hit me so hard that had I been a weak minded person. I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you.

    I wouldn’t kill myself so they started the torture again. The same kind of torture the did in 2017 and steady demaning me to say I did something or they would keep the torture up if I wouldn’t say I committed another crime. 

    What was also going through my mind was the fact that Vickie Duffy had screamed in the phone before things happened. That somebody was threatening her family and she was going to do whatever they said and say whatever they told her to say. 

    I thought about that. The officer were keeping the phone away from me so I could call anyone, but a female officer would slip up and I would use the phone. I had to threaten to tear the phone up just to use it because the inmates were telling her don’t let me get the phone. 

    I called her. She laughed at me. Donna Diane Ridgeway laughed. This is the same person that was suppose to be my girl. The same girl that would always ask about a certain gun at visit. I would entertain her. Was the same person laughing about what I was about to say because she already knew. 

    I wouldn’t be able to use the phone anymore after that. They made sure I didn’t get to use it. 

    So Miko Wanes Secretary come up there out of the blue and I would talk to her and tell her to call Thea or Raoul. When Thea showed up I told her about me  being drugged and me being rendered in a coma like state and those sucka ass inmate came in the cell on me and raped me leaving me for dead. Cowards were to scare to fight. It’s a fact I fight. 

    She said she getting some help it was years later but guess what. There’s really no help. It’s just a smoke screen to me being used to keep me from getting what I need. 

    I want everyone to keep this in mind. She knows this also. She’s know what im about to say. There was someone in the pipechase behind the cell in the back window smirking with her phone shinning the light at me.

    They have constantly tried to cover things up. Constantly. They said they recorded over the footage. Well they just got the security system that’s run by computer so the footage is still there. Phone records can be heard also. You rest believe if it was something against me. They would pull the phone records quick and play in on the news. 

    How can the captain of a jail tell and investigator to stop investigating. He suppose to call in reinforcement. 

    Well there’s more but I don’t want to take up much of your time. I would really like to film what I went through. Letting the people who really want to help and any can that’s listening know about the corrupt things going on. 

    Thanks for letting me air this out

    Tilon L Carter 999517


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