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The following may be very disturbing, but is very much true…


    My name is Fredrik Hudson inmate of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Also known as T.D.C.J. In early 2011 I was placed in what is now known as Restricted Housing. Even though the name has changed but the conditions has not. Due to mental abuse I can’t fully remember the dates. But I can attest to the damages that the conditions have and has on inmates in segregation. I can recall being placed into a more Restrictive Place known as “Super Seg.” Which is for High Risk inmates. Having limited property. Sleeping on concrete. Not allowed sheets. And being subjectide to cell search at 2:00am. After being moved to a different Unit. What is called High Security. Can you imagine being placed in a room/cell or any place for long periods at a time? Well most answers of no! Well there are Texas prisoners like myself who has & still are in cells with no windows and are tolded this will be where you will eat. sleep. & shower for not weeks but years. It is safe to say this can, will & has done damage to the mental state of Texas Restricted Housing Inmates.

In 2016, still in segregation I remember telling myself “Hey why not try to place your mind outside of this Concrete Hell.” So I started having full conversations with myself. I would even act as if I’m speaking with a friend or family member. And respond as if the person has answer me using a different voice. Not knowing this was a Breaking Point. At the time I felt it was normal until the guy in the cell next to me told me “Lil brother, you starting to lose it. Yes this is disturbing. But being confined to segregation for weeks, months, and like myself years is very harmful.


                       Written by 


                        Fredrik Hudson

                        Ellis Unit

                        1697 FM 980

                        Hunstville, Tx. 77343

Ellis Unit, Huntsville, Texas

11 years in solitary / ad seg



May 18, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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