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    Im not making a new descovery or a confession, im just about to tell you how broken i’ve been. I really sink ocean deep when im considering the actions of my motions. If life was a lotion, then i wouldn’t apply it to my roughest surfaces,, if you rubed me a certain way then you got what you intended to get. It’s all on how and what you understand about the things and people you get close to. At times, I just be thinking with not much ink in my think pen, but I focus on the fact that thinking is already there, I just need to work on the ink behind it. So much bullshit gets stained. I think that’s why I read so much now, the ink bleeds…. It feel like a sting of healing liquid into my open wound.

I have to overstand the soil of my historic seed. It’s going to help me understand the values of some of my most painful creeds. Im still balancing out pain and knowing the words to describe it. It’s crazy how what I or you can live and see on a regular, some people will read it  in a fictional way, but turn around and judge you in a non fictional way. Don’t forget, you are not reading anything new. I can’t be mad, because im only broken because the people around me never really knew. The coldest part about that is, when i started to become fixed or a better person in many ways, my loved ones started those fictional views, so be easy when you deal with me, im still a little broken…



    Teddrick batiste#999568

    Polunsky Unit

    3872 FM 350 South

    Livingston, TX. 77351

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

10 years in solitary / ad seg



May 16, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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