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Dear Texans & Worldwide Associates,


    I have put off writing this letter to you for as long as I can, but I don’t think, that I can put it off any longer.

    Out of the 196,940,000 square miles in the total area, that encompasses our Planet Earth, (prison) is the darkest place ever! It is also the loneliest place ever in terms of being separated from family and friends. 

    Here in prison there is a saying, that prisoners often use when forced with prison-injustice, that goes….”out of sight, out of mind.” That is to say….who cares about prisoners?

    Many people tend to think and/or say to themselves and others….”aren’t they all there (locked-up), because of committing a crime on others?!”

    You & I (both) know, that is a million miles (far) from the TRUTH. But this is this is a saying among most people who have never served time in a prison, and/or have “no” family-members or friends thats incarcerated.

    Just recently, on March 2nd of 2022, the (CCA) Crim. Court of Appeals - The Highest Court in the State of Texas “(overturned)” my conviction and sentence (due) to prosecutorial misconduct. Hence, granting me a new trial. In 2010, I was falsely accused in this capital case, and forced to languish in jail for 7-years straight without trial and/or reasonable bail (while) the State manufactured evidence and fabricated their own truth in order to score a conviction. (All praises due) to the constellation of amazing people who brightened my sky! Many people tend to think and believe, that our criminal justice system is fair and/or yields just results. But the truth is….our criminal justice system is inherently un-just, and flawed at every angle.

    Thomas Paine said it best…

    “An avidity to punish always is dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch to misinterpret and misapply even the best of laws.”


Please check-out our website: ( and please donate whatever you can to our defense legal fund to help me get home to my loved ones. (Thank you). I welcome all mail and letters.


                                                             Joseph Colone

Joseph Colone solitary confinement Texas Letters

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

12 years in solitary / ad seg



April 28, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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