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I showed up today… That’s my phase I use almost everyday to tell GOD, myself and the universe that Kris Love didn’t die lastnite. I’m not religious or a always look at the positive side type of person. I’m a Trouble Man, if you ever heard the Marvin Gaye song by the same name you know what I mean. A black man built for the struggle but broken. Currently being tortured with years of solitary confinement. My address is Texas death row, for the past 4 years I have been in a constant war with myself that today is worth the trouble. The misery, the work. Waking up in a box with my future murder on my mind and maybe the murder of a fellow inmate/friend by the same killers stalking me one bad court decision at a time. Dam, should I brush my teeth, maybe drink a cup of coffee, or just cut my fucking wrist to end this torture, that’s my struggle every morning! I could sit here and tell you the statistics on how solitary is torture on all involved. How suicide becomes one bad thought away. Or maybe you want to hear about TDCJ treating us like animals, feeding us like animals. What about the extreme sentences passed out like free t-shirts in Africa, or maybe my death sentence, which I received for a crime I didn’t commit. I could go into detail about all that but I need you to hear how this is affecting me on a personal level. With no sugarcoat. Right now the one thing stopping me from killing myself is the attempt not working. Yes, I said that. The fear of being saved or GOD saying its not my time to die is one of the things giving me the courage to show up and figure today out. I’m not someone with a history of mental issues or suicidal thoughts, I got a good support system and children who love me waiting on my release. But this isolation is saying something different. It’s telling me I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to live, I’m wasting my people’s time and money. It’s telling me, it’s OVER! Have you heard the saying “if these walls could talk”? Ask any body on death row, Ad seg, or any solitary confined person that and I bet they’ll tell you these walls not only talk they need to shut up! They do too much talking! But what these walls are talking about isn’t the memories of good times, smiles and hugs. These walls are like that friend or family member who never has nothing good to say. Always speaking about bullshit to kill your vibe. These walls want you to give up. They are designed to push human beings to the breaking point. To that point of “I can’t take this shit no more.”

Have you ever seen a place or a room that looks hurt? You know the space isn’t alive but you can see and feel the pain like a cold chill. Every one of these cells on death row and Seg has that vibe. Or should I use what we call them CAGES! How would you feel if the last person that occupied your home committed suicide or was murdered where you now lay your head to rest? Not good at all right? You would probably move A.S.A.P. I can’t say for sure if these walls have influenced someone to give up in this cage but I’m almost sure it has happened at some point. Sometimes we are forced to move in a cage with blood or shit all over it, you can either refuse to go in and get beat up in handcuffs or suck it up and clean it up. Is that not cruel and unusual punishment? O ya I forgot we are the worst of the worst it’s OK to treat us like that. Most of you reading this are co-defendents to this madness. You know how we are being mistreated, but will not say a word to the people that matter. Some of you got family and friends you know is not the person TDCJ or other prison systems got them classified as. Most of my love ones are included in the not speaking up as well. Fighting for me to get out this Hell is more important than commissary money, visits and phone calls. O yeah I forgot your love one/friend committed a crime so it’s OK for you not to fight for them. But you expect them to come home a better man or woman, after being tortured by the state. This is not blame I’m speaking, it’s encouragement to advocate for us being tortured on American Soil. (Which is supposed to be illegal by the way). It’s insane how people expect us to act civilized in CAGES being feed and treated like some kind of wild thing. I would say animals but they are expected to act like what they are, uncivilized. How would you feel as a grown man or woman to have to beg to take a shower? Or go to recreation just to get out of your cage to breathe? We need HELP down here people, real HELP. We are apart of this society as well, don’t sit back and allow this system to continue this torture. Stand up and Speak up. To Be Continued…



999614 Love

Polunsky Unit D/R

3872 FM 350 South

Livingston TX 77351

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

6 years in solitary / ad seg



January 23, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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