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I am on Hunger strike as of 1-10-23. It’s 1-18-23, 8-days without eating and I’ll be going till I get sick. I rather suffer this way than to conitue in the Ad seg/restricted housing conditions that I’ve been in the past 29 yrs; that has tortured me and caused irreparable damage physically and mentally. I’m classified as Chronicly Mentally Ill (CMI) but still held in Ad seg/Restricted housing conditions; no other programs are not available for but GRAd, that was what classificat committee told me the last 3 time I’ve seen them, and the reason for that they stated, is they have me tagged STG even though numerous times denied their claims. Ive been case free for over 4 years. Since I’ve notified officials/medical of my Hunger strike Mental Health has not come to check on my well being - nor do they do their mandatory checks on us being on psyche load. I had made demands to Warden Smith here at the Allred Unit when I informed him of my hunger strike I had demanded to be release to general population or to one of the Mental Health program that is offer to others that are not Labelled as STG. I have had no response from them concerning my demand. Medical is doing the daily check ups since after my 3rd day of hunger strike, taking my weight, and vital sign and uranalisys. Im still struggling with depression, anxiety, hearing voices.

Medication they are giving does not help. Ive told that to the psyche docter but tells me there’s no other medication to give: this has been since March 2022. I quit taking all meds and my mental illnesses have gotten worse - All I do is sleep all day, crying every other day, voices starting to get very bad with saying bad thing that get me mad or more depressed. Im shaky all the time I hear the voices of when I leave my cell - anxiety attacks. Havent been able to do anything. I was struggling to write this letter. I haven’t written much since I stop eating. I know there’s alot of peope in this protest for prison reform to end this torture of being in isolation indefinatly I pray for that reform and for a chance to regain a small portion of what I used to be before I was put in Ad Seg and have an equal opportunity to the programs, Mental health treatment, and privileges as everyone else in general population, especially contact visits with my family. Roger Uvalle #625717 

Allred unit

2101 FM 369 n

Iowa Park, TX 76367

Allred Unit, Iowa Park, Texas

29 years in solitary / ad seg



January 18, 2023


Photography by MICHAEL BARAJAS


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