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Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

5 years in solitary / ad seg


February 2, 2024


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS

Hello, my name is Rayshell Cooks - #1782702. Im at the Lane Murray Unit in Administrative custody “segregation” I have been incarcerated for 13 years, since the age of 18. This my second time in segregation, the first time I spent five years, and this time only three months so far. Its no valid reason why Im in segregation this time….other then a couple of guards retaliating against me after they all jumped on me at the Hobby Unit in Marlin Texas. Im in segregation for a assult on a inmate and the same inmate wrote a statement said I never assulted her.

    I remember when I first was in segregation and I was 19 years old and on Level 3. Level 3 is when we cant go to the store for food, only one of each hygiene. One day I got into it with this officer because I was yelling out the door talking to my friend. He got mad and passed me up for dinner so I wrote a Grievance on him which made him even more mad. The officer “Guard” start telling his co-workers to pass me up for chow. That went on for over two weeks. We dont get showers down here like that so we bath in our cells, using our sinks. Everyone knows, including the guards know when we cover our door we’re bathing. One day we had a perverted guard working and he was doing rounds checking on every one. The guard knocked on my door and I answered telling him Im bathing so two minutes later he opening up my tray slot pulling my sheet off my door. I ran to the door naked and soap all over my body wet and held the tray slot hostage until the captain came so she could see the proof of what he did.

    I would like to discuss this serious matter about false and real suicide. Sometimes when a officer gets mad they’ll gas the inmate and lie, saying the inmate hanging or cutting her self….and other times when a inmate really suicidal and ask for help the guard will ignore them. I have see so many deaths behind a officer ignoring a inmate while being suicidal I cant even count. Its sad.


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