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My name is Senetra Washington and I have been in segregation since 2020. Since being in here I have experience ALOT due to not being fed for a week, being mased for something that I didnt even do, the officers here on the lane murray unit is very crooked meaning the male guards will do favors for you if you show them your body or anything. I suffer from Bi-polar disorder so sometimes I have too learn how too control myself while being in restrictive housing. Its different type of women that goes thru different type of mental issues. Whenever someone tells the officer they are suicidle or anything they ignor them or think they are faking. Medical only come at night and when they check on us that sometimes just walk past us like were not even there.

The things that happen here on the lane murray unit is very stressful due to use not getting Rec like we are suppose too, our shower stays on cold doing the winter time, we are the last too eat so sometimes are food is cold so some people get sick or dont even eat and it very sad. we are currently without heat so whenever its really cold out side we have too suffer so that mean more people Gets sick. Just hope All of the issues that goes on Around Ad-seg changes soon.


                        Senetra Washington-2230410

                        lane murray unit 

                        1916 N. HWY 36 BYPASS

                        Gatesville, Texas 76596

Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

3 years in solitary / ad seg



March 27, 2023


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS


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