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Dear Ineffective Assistant.


Do you see Kristopher Love or just another case? Maybe you see a case with a face not the human in your face needing you to plead his case. Not plea his case but free him from the pain and suffering caused by the injustice of a unjust system. Smiling in my face while pulling the knife from my back only to replace it with handcuffs and a chain around my waist. Corresponding in a language you know I don’t understand from lack of education, but instead of properly assisting me you continue to lead me on a paper trail of self destruction. Am I only letters and letters, a hourly wage, maybe just a days work. You want me to sit by quietly so you can show the courts and public how great you are at filling boxes with human beings and taking their identity away. How many is enough?

How many stares of desperation can you avoid before you take a look at the person in the mirrior and realize the face behind the case was created from the same process you are. People of all races are victims to the blind lady injustice who doesn’t see color or facts in most cases. I guess it’s easy to kill a person when you don’t have to look them in the eyes. I know she’s one person that appreciates your Ineffective Assistance…


            Kristopher Love

Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

5 years in solitary / ad seg



May 9, 2022


Photography by TEXAS LETTERS​​


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